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2023 MLK Day of Service

Held on January 16th, 2023 from 9am to 1:30pm, the 2023 MLK Day of Service will be held in person at Keystone First Wellness Center as well as virtually on the webpage below. This  experience, whether in person or online, will engage audience members with music, activities, pre-recorded materials, and plenty of resources and reflections to celebrate and promote the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our theme: Linking the Legacy. 


The 2023 MLK Day of Service is sponsored by the Yes We Can Achievement & Cultural Center in conjunction with the MLK Commemorative Committee of Chester & Vicinity and Chester Made, streamed live by

The Yes We Can Achievement & Cultural Center of Chester provides children with a safe place to learn and grow, helps women and families to gain stability and financial security through a variety of support networks & mentors young women to become future leaders and so much more. Learn more by visiting



Readings on influential people in Black History:

Videos from The Yes Center:

Coming To Herself - Yes Center Chester
The Yes We Can Achievement & Cultural Center of Chester provides children with a safe place to learn and grow, helps women and families to gain stability and financial security through a variety of support networks & mentors young women to become future leaders and so much more.

Learn more at

Finding Home: The Ruth L. Bennett Story

This video was made by residents of Chester, PA. in 2016, enrolled in a video workshop facilitated by Ellen Reynolds for Scribe Video Center's "Precious Places" project. Ruth L. Bennet arrived in Chester during the first wave of The Great Migration and served women and children in vital ways for decades.

Listen and learn more.

The story of Green Lawn Cemetery in Chester, Pennsylvania, breathes the dark truth about racism in America. Blacks were not allowed to bury their loved ones within the city limits of Chester.

The history, abandonment and efforts to preservation of Green Lawn Cemetery comes into question and is explored in this documentary.

The Greenlawn Cemetery is located at: Across from Haven Memorial Cemetery at 2500 Concord Road, Chester Township, PA.

Learn more at

Documentaries of Chester's History of Activism and Celebration:

Black History Tour Footsteps Past And Present

Laid to Waste: A Chester Neighborhood Fights for it's Future

Learn more at

Chester Black History Tour produced by our chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

Rothwell Family History provided by Michelle Marsden:

The Christian Church of Chester Presents - "ROOTED: A Mini Black History Museum Documentary (2018)"

Chester is Rising by David DeMarco

Revisit and learn about the history of Chester's struggle for environmental justice and ongoing efforts to secure clean air.

To listen to the rest of the podcasts visit

S01 - Prologue
00:00 / 01:04
S01 E02 - Episode 2 Part 1 - Stormy Weather
00:00 / 01:04
S01 E01 - Episode 1 - Home
00:00 / 01:04

Mental Health Break with Tyrrea Byrd

What "hats" do you wear at home and in your community? And how do you take care of your mental and physical health? Let us know in the video comments.

Sister Tara Shares Words of Healing and Support

Ms. Mylisa Himmons Juggles

Enjoy this video of Ms. Mylisa Himmons Juggling, then try it out yourself! Let us know how well you do in the comments.

Hymns on Piano played by Ms. Sarah Finley

Conflict Resolution piece with John Cameron

The Cameron Group Boot Camp provides an opportunity for parents and sons to bond and discover things about themselves. Motivational speakers, education and job fairs, and health and wellness screenings are some of the experiences offered to build your son from the ground up.


Learn more at

No-cost Program Opportunity:

In 2007, the Will Trippley Youth Development Foundation came into being out of the loss, grief, and passion of his mother, Patricia, and best friend, Neal Regino, to grant the Chester community a haven and enriching environment where kids could be kids. Based physically in Chester, Pennsylvania, our Foundation comprises five parts: Chester City United/Virtual Fútbol Academy's soccer program, the Virtual Basketball Academy, and Camp Encouragement/Jovonne's Healing Center social-emotional development program.


See what they have to offer and sign up for activities at


Digital Storytelling:

Bridging America's political divide with conversations, "One Small Step" at a time

Dave Isay has created a program called "One Small Step" to get Americans from across the political spectrum to stop demonizing one another and start communicating -- face to face, one conversation at a time. "One Small Step" grew out of "StoryCorps'-- the oral history project Dave Isay founded 18 years ago. It has taped more than half a million Americans telling their stories – to become the largest single collection of human voices ever recorded, with one aim at its core.


Listen to the segment on 60 minutes featuring best-selling author, Jayson Reynolds, here

Twyla's Chester Story

Twyla "Ms. T" Simpkins is the founder and director of The Yes We Can Achievement & Cultural Center, and has led numerous Chester Made history programs, including the 2018 humanities summer Camp LegaCy: Making My Museum. In this story, Ms. T reminisces about what has always made Chester home to her.

View the rest of the Chester Digital Stories here.

"Jamar's Incredible Life" by Rev. Hilda M. Campbell


The Rev. Hilda M. Campbell is an advocate, poet, professor, clergy member, and most importantly G-Mom to Jamar, whose story she shares with an urgent plea for uniting against violence and uplifting the people of Chester City. Rev. Campbell, a full time minister, is the new pastor at Siloam United Methodist Church and Trinity United Methodist Church, both located in the city. She currently serves as director of human relations and leadership ministries with the conference. Read more about the incredible work of Rev. Hilda M. Campbell in the Delco Times here.

View the rest of the Chester Digital Stories here.

Stefan's Chester Story

In his Chester Matters Blog, local journalist Stefan Roots brings us the latest and greatest in Chester news, including coverage of many Chester Made events. In his Chester story you'll hear why it's no surprise he always knows what's going down in Overtown.

View the rest of the Chester Digital Stories here.

C-City Investment by Bigga Dre

Bigga Dre is a songwriter, recording artist, and producer for a variety of key players in the music industry from Grammy(r) recipients to new and upcoming artists. It is no surprise that his Chester Digital Story reflects his passion. His story, much like his music, is embedded with brilliant lyrics, hidden symbolism and rhythmic catchy lines that capture all Hip-Hop lovers and  resonates with those who know they’re home when they’re in Chester.

View the rest of the Chester Digital Stories here.

Illuminate Chester:

Illuminate Chester: Return to Overtown

Return To Overtown is a film about the rebirth of Chester's legendary shopping district. Premiered at Lights on Chester, an arts and cultural festival held on June 21st, 2019 celebrating the past, present and future of Overtown Chester, PA.

View the rest of the Illuminate Chester videos here.

Lost Paradise: A Gentleman's Gift To Chester Part 1

On May 2nd, 2019, the third installment of the Illuminate Chester series, "Lost Paradise: A Gentleman's Gift To Chester," premiered at MJ Freed Theater and on the Chester Made Facebook page. Following the film, Chester residents, historians, teachers, students and the people who helped make the film possible joined in a spirited conversation about the past, present, and future of Deshong Art Museum and Park.

View the rest of the Illuminate Chester videos here.

Lost Paradise: A Gentleman's Gift To Chester Part 2

"Lost Paradise: A Gentleman's Gift To Chester Part 2" picks up in the second chapter of the Deshong Art Museum and Park story: the dissolving of the Deshong trust, transportation of the collection to the Widener Art Gallery, and the frustration felt by a generation of Chester artists and humanists.

View the rest of the Illuminate Chester videos here.

More links to check out:

  • 26 minutes of restored video from this 1967 NBC News interview with MLK, where he discussed a "new phase" of the civil rights struggle 11 months before the assassination.

  • To join Chester, PA in celebrating MLK Day 2022, Dr. Kristin Ball Motley discusses COVID-19 and the impact that racism and mistrust is having on black people's decision to not get vaccinated:

Still looking for more MLK Day activities?

Join the Museum of African Diaspora for a special MLK Day conversation with award-winning filmmakers Stanley Nelson and Traci A. Curry about their documentary film ATTICA, shortlisted for the Academy Award Nominations for Documentary Feature. Co-Directors Stanley Nelson and Traci A. Curry will be in conversation with filmmakers Peter Nicks and Jon Else.


You can learn more about this film discussion on the MoAD website.

As television beamed the image of this extraordinary gathering across the border oceans, everyone who believed in man’s capacity to better himself had a moment of inspiration and confidence in the future of the human race.”
— Martin Luther King Jr.